Friday, March 5, 2010


As promised, with my dance opponent's permission, here is a recap of the Dance Off on Twitter. I'll warn you, it is silly. We had a lot of fun making up virtual moves and I can't thank Dani (ddh77) enough for bringing it ;) I honestly thought she had it with the Pink trapeze move. You'll notice we mention adamslisa (Author Lisa Adams) through out, she was the judge.

KCBOOKS: *happy dancing*

ddh77: *dancing on toes*

KCBOOKS: *twirl* ~shuffle, shuffle~ LEAP @ddh77 it’s your turn :)

ddh77: i need music

KCBOOKS: @ddh77 oh funny, I was thinking the Black Eyed peas new song lol ~ Imma Be ddh77: @KCBOOKS {Imma be} *swaying hips to the beat**shaking my hands

KCBOOKS: shaking my tush, *shake, shake* WHat? Yup, huh uuh *shake, shake*

ddh77: *lickin’ my lips* *swinging my hips* *arms lifted high* *fingertips touching the sky*

KCBOOKS: Oh no, here it comes… busting the Travolta disco stance. Finger pointed NW other SE… ah ah ah aaah stayin alive :)

ddh77: *doin one-handed flips* *shaking my pom poms* {imma be..imma be}

KCBOOKS: *cross feet, spin. Take three steps… ~*~ leap ~*~ land in a split (ouch)

ddh77: *swaying my hips as I spin round in circles* *shimmy~shimmy* *flipping my waist-length hair*

KCBOOKS: feet moving fast in rhythm, beads of sweat forming… (whew) spins back to chair, sits back… waterfall *~*~*~ LOL

ddh77: *bouncin’**bouncin’**bouncin’* *shakin’ my booty* *shakin’ my shoulders* *swayin’ my hair*

KCBOOKS: *cartwheel, running backspring…hip check to the right…then the left. Fake gun comes out *poof* Oh yeah

ddh77: {Imma be… Imma be… Imma be the flyest shit…} *whirling**whirling**whirling* {{loud crash off to the side}}

KCBOOKS: ok LOL, final move from each. Then we’re done. My virtual heart is beating out of my chest :)

ddh77: {imma be… imma be..} *grabs the rope**spinning up/out/around/upside down as the rope lifts me**water pours over my nearly-naked body as my hair streams down**twirling round & round as the rope rises* {imma be..imma be}

KCBOOKS: @ddh77 oh my, that’s impressive

KCBOOKS: I’m bringing in my back up dancers, “come on boys.” All together now..hand to head, then the other…hand to hip, then the other hands to hip, shake that booty *shake* Running …front hand spring lands in split (RIPPPP) oh…er. Costume malfunction @adamslisa

ddh77: Hmmmph! Back up dancers! *still hanging upside down from rope, slowly spinning, dripping everywhere*

KCBOOKS: @ddh77 back up dancers are half men/half horse dudes from Old Spice commercials…just saying @adamslisa

KCBOOKS: @ddh77 & we rocked the macarina…who can say that? LOL @adamslisa

ddh77: {screaming rather hysterically} HEY! @KCBOOKS @adamslisa @americannanny Will someone please come lower this rope? I’m getting dizzy!!

KCBOOKS: @ddh77 I’ll send a horse man. Oh, he can’t climb. Bet you wish you saw how Pink got back down, huh? :)

KCBOOKS: @ddh77 *running with scissors to the rescue* this could end badly

ddh77: RT: KCBOOKS: @ddh77 really, who would want to say it ;)<< color="#006600">adamslisa: @ddh77 @KCBOOKS @americannanny I think that @kcbooks is the winner. The ripping costume malfunction got me… @bsain @jdistraction

ddh77: @adamslisa Thank you for judging. {feelings only mildly hurt~that was a pretty amazing costume malfunction} @KCBOOKS @americannanny

I hope you could follow along and that you enjoyed this as much as we did. It's not easy dancing in 140 characters or less. Have a great Friday.


Kristin : ) aka @KCBOOKS

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  1. It WAS a blast! And you won fair and square, Kristin - even without the back up dancers and costume malfunction. I don't know which was more inspired ~ the "Flash Dance" chair/waterfall bit or your "Charlie's Angel's" moves. Brava, K! Anyone on Twitter who's interested in dancing should let Kristin or I know. It's a FABulous experience! Dani ddh77