Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Tour: The Beautiful Dead

Beautiful Dead: Book 1- Jonas is the first story in a new YA series by Eden Maguire. I'll have to admit, initially I had a hard time with the whole limbo idea of being caught between life and death. I was worried that it would promote more recklessness in teens who haven't fully grasped mortality. Then I remembered that this book was not written for me, a mom of teenagers and tweens. This book was written for them.

Once I faced that simple fact reading became easier and more enjoyable. By the end I loved the story and found that instead of encouraging recklessness in teens it actually offered insight into losing someone close. And yes, a nice cushion between that loss and having to let go. That is not such a bad thing.

The story begins with the tragic deaths of 4 teenagers (Jonas, Arizona, Summer, and Pheonix) in less than a year. Everyone at Ellerton High is devasted, especially Darina. Her boyfriend Pheonix was the most recent loss. She begins to see the deceased teens. Are these sightings just figments of her grieving mind or was she chosen to help them find out the truth about their deaths?

Darina learns that the teens are part of a group called the Beautiful Dead. They each have only 1 year to discover the mysteries behind their deaths. She must come to grips quickly with both her own grief and the unbelievable miracle that has brought part of Pheonix back to her. Jonas only has a month left to his time in limbo and Darina is the only one that help him find the answers he needs to pass on to a peaceful eternity.

I finished this book looking forward to the next in the series, Beautiful Dead: Book 2 - Arizona. Eden Maguire writes about the intensity of feelings teenagers experience with respect and understanding. I think this series will be very popular.

If you have read Beautiful Dead or plan to I'd love to hear your opinions. For more reviews you can check out the Blog Tour schedule posted on the Teen Fire website. Other blog stops today are Bookalicious and the Portland Books Examiner.

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  1. I would LOVE to receive a copy of both Beautiful Dead and The Truth Lies in the Dark! :-)

  2. I don't know, I think I would have the same concerns that you did initially about mortality and death. There is so much pressure on kids these days. They cannot fully understand yet what life is and what it has to offer. If they can't live up to expectations of parents, or live with peer pressure; what options do they have? Would the afterlife offer an appeal greater than life itself?

    Although, I don't believe kids in general really have a conception of the permanence of death. Kids have always been reckless in their behavior. It is just part that push the boundaries to see how far they can go attitude. They do not realize that there is not a do-over or a game-reset; dead is dead, life over.

    I guess consideration of perspective would be necessary to evaluate it properly. And it has been way too many years since I was teenager. But,I still have a problem with potentially glamorizing death.

  3. Thanks Melissa. Good luck! :)

    Thanks Mary. That was my initial worry, but as the book goes on it does a good job of showing the heart ache and permanancy of death.

  4. A lovely review, Kristin. I have the privilege of reading books first to see if they are too mature for my 12-year-old granddaughter. I appreciate my daughter's trust in my opinion, but it's really just my excuse to get to read some thoroughly enjoyable books that I might not pick up otherwise. I would be thrilled to win either one of the books in your giveaway!

  5. Great review! I would love to read it :)))