Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you give a wife a chef...

I love a good home cooked meal, but I get tired of being the one who makes it every night. I often fantasize about having my own chef to prepare meals. Ahhh... but then I thought about one of my kids' favorite childhood books, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

If you give a wife a chef
She'll smile and jump for joy
But soon she'll want a dishwasher
She won't mind if it's a girl or boy
When the dishes are cleaned and put away
She'll probably want the perfect accompanier
That will bring out the flavor of the meal
For that she'll surely need a trusty sommelier
Next she'll put her feet up
A kick off her Jimmy Choos
So you better get the phone book
and look up the best masseuse
So remember this silly ditty
The next time your wife wants a rest
Cook a dinner now and then
But don't get your wife a chef.

*This poem is not for my husband. He is free to get me a chef* ;)


Kristin : )


  1. Nice. :-) This is wonderful, esp. in light of the fact that the novel I'm editing for submission bears the working title of...Her Private Chef. LOL

  2. Love it, Twister! *hugs* Dani