Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Booking Through November!!

November is jam packed with things going. As many of you already know I'm doing NaNoWriMo , which is a month long commitment. November is also the month of my beautiful daughter's 10th birthday, Thanksgiving, and a few book events too. What book events? Well, thanks for asking :)

On November 13 -yup that's Friday the 13th- I am participating in a Whodunit type murder mystery with 4 other authors (Denise Robbins, Cj West, David Daniel, and Carla Snow). It is taking place at Zorvino's Vineyard in New Hampshire. We are not only going to be there signing our books and chatting with guests, we also wrote the mystery. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. More information can be found on Zorvino's Website.

Above is a picture of Carla Snow, Denise Robbins, Kristin Callender (me), and CJ West from a meeting at Zorvino's Vineyard to plan the event. Not pictured is David Daniel, who could not be there due to work commitments.

The second book event I have planned is the very next day. On Saturday, November 14th I will be signing copies of my book at the Somerville News Writer's Festival (outside of Boston). Check out the beautiful building it's being held in, The Somerville Armory .

November is a busy month, filled with new adventures and comfortable traditions. I am looking forward to them all.

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Kristin : )

Friday, November 6, 2009

CBRS extended: Dezzer the Gasser by Lorraine Florido and Illustrated by John Ewing

Dezzer the Gasser by Lorraine Florido is a laugh out loud story about a baby's extreme flatulence. Yup, that's right...GAS!

When Dezzer was born his family was so happy to welcome the first boy. His 2 older sisters, mom, and dad couldn't wait to bring him home. It didn't take long for everyone to figure out that there was something very unique about Dezzer. He was a gasser!

Not your cute pooter; no he could clear a room of people and furnishings with one blast. His family loved him so, but were finding his explosions hard to ignore. Word and aroma of Dezzer's problem spread fast through the town. His family decided a vacation was what they needed. A big bad bear had other plans for them. Dezzer surprises everyone by using his pungent powers to save the day.

Dezzer the Gasser is Lorraine Florido's first children's book. She has since written a humorous chapter book titled, Hugo the Punk. The illustrator, John Ewing worked on a Walt Disney Studio creative team that produced many memorable feature films like; Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh and more. Together they have crafted an vividly hilarious story sure to tickle any child's funny bone.

An added bonus is the author generously donates a portion of book sales toward college scholarships for children of breast cancer victims and survivors. More information about Lorraine Florido and her books can be found on the Dezzer the Gasser website.

This was a cute story that takes an unpleasant bodily function to the extreme. While I was writing the review I gave the book to my kids to read. They were giggling and laughing the whole time. It is sure to be popular with kids of all ages. I know some adults who would get a laugh out of it too.

If you have read Dezzer the Gasser or plan to please stop back and share your opinion of it.

~ Kristin : )