Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Twitter DANCE OFF!

For today's post I'd hope to have the transcript of something strange and hysterical that happened on Twitter last week. What started out as a joke turned into a full blown DANCE OFF (virtual, of course). A fellow twitter friend @ddh77 and I agreed on a song (Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas) and made up virtual dance moves. We even had a judge! It was so much fun that we decided to to do it again.

The next DANCE OFF is tonight at 6PM EST. As soon as I receive the transcript of our last battle (which I won...hehe) I will post it. My opponent was very imaginative and I had to share my virtual award with her for her rendition of Pink being hoisted above the crowd :)
I'd also like to take a moment to give a heart felt thanks to all of you who stopped by to read my short story The Perfect Resolution. I'm sending out virtual *hugs* to all who commented, but do appreciate all of my readers.
Kristin :)

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