Friday, March 12, 2010

New Blog Schedule

Happy Friday! I feel great today. Had the best night of sleep since before I had kids. It's amazing what a full, uninterrupted night of sleep can do for you. I feel so good I'm not even that upset with myself for skipping yesterday's blog post. Well, I do feel a little bad. But it is just a blip in the 40 Blog Posts in 40 Days challenge.

But, on the bright side for you loyal readers (you know who you are) it probably wasn't going to be anything blog worthy anyway. I was too tired to think yesterday. I'm back on today and the gears are going at full speed.

Here's my tentative *new and improved* blog schedule. After my 40 Day Challenge is over I will not be posting everyday at first. I'd like to focus my energy on the new series I'm starting and on the existing ones.

Monday - Will remain Memoir Mondays. There are endless amounts of inspirational memoirs out there. My only problem is finding the time to read and get them up on the blog. My goal, and part of my new year resolution, is to post at least 2 a month.

Wednesday - Writer's Wednesdays. A new series highlighting all types of writers (beginners, freelance, published and seasoned authors). Inspired by the kind people on Twitter who do a special shout out to writers every Wednesday. More details on this soon.

Friday - Raising Kids in a High Tech World. This is another new series. It's something I deal with everyday with my kids and think it needs to be discussed. Click Here for the post that explains more. Notice that the title and the week day has changed. Originally this series was planned for Tuesdays and was going to focus on Teens. But as I write the first posts I realize this involves kids of all ages.

Saturday & Sunday - This will be reserved for reviews and blog tours for books I've read.

That leaves Tuesdays & Thursdays as free days to talk about my own writing or new book news. Basically whatever I want, or nothing at all. It's kind of nice to leave myself a few days like that. I admire the writers out there that can post something new everyday, but have to be realistic with my schedule and how I choose to split my writing time.

I hope that you stop by for some of these discussions. If you are a writer and want to participate in the Writer Wednesdays series let me know.


Kristin : )


  1. Congrats on the new blog schedule! I think you'll find freedom in the boundaries, so to speak. Or I do, at least. :-)

  2. I appreciate you posting a schedule ~ there never seems to be enough time to visit my friends' blogs, and some things are just too good to arrive late. I'm also happy to see you change the high tech series to "kids" instead of just teens. My grandson is 8 and already has issues. I'm very excited to see what all lies ahead here, Kristin. Your "Twistin Twister" Dani