Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Blogger Con Here I Come!

These are only some of the books I came home with after last year's BEA in New York City.

When I was invited to be part of the Blog Tour for Book Blogger Convention I jumped at the chance for three reasons.

#1 Is an obvious reason. I love books, so of course I would want to help promote anything bookish.

#2 Book bloggers are helping to change publishing. More and more voices of readers are being listened to and sought out by the book industry. As a first time author with a small publisher I can't tell you how great that is.

#3 As a lover of books, I am always reading and talking about them. These books come to me in many ways. My book addicted mother, who I have outed in a previous post, brings me all the books she can not find room for in her house. I buy some and when money is tight I borrow some from the library (and sadly pay anyway because I can't seem to return them on time). I also collect ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) from book shows (See picture above of BEA09) and from publishers and publicists for review. I share most of these books with others through my blog. All this being said, I am a book blogger. This makes me, in my slow reading sort of small way part of this change in publishing.

It's an exciting time in publishing right now for new authors and bloggers and I'm sure this year's BEA will reflect that. There are so many options available to writers today and books are literally popping off the shelves to be read. With the changes come decisions to be made and questions to be answered. That's what this Blog Tour is for and especially what the Book Bloggers Convention is all about.

If you have been following the Blog Tour you probably already know the basics. If this is your first stop...thanks and here are some important links for more information.

Book Blogger Convention
Where: NYC in the Jacob Javits Center (Along side of BookExpo America)
When: Friday May 28, 2010

I had a great time attending BEA09 and have already registered for this year's. I met so many creative and generous people in the book industry. This year I am equally excited to attend the Book Bloggers Convention.

If you are planning to attend BEA10 and BBC I hope to see you there. But if you can't be there in person there is still so much to learn. So be sure to follow the tour , ask questions, and stay tuned for more information and of course the recaps after the event.

Since I love a good quote, I'll leave you with this thought. I think it's a great reminder for the entire book publishing industry.

“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.” ~ anon.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions. If I can't answer I will direct you to someone that can.

Kristin : )

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  1. Hi Kristen - thanks for the advice. I am so looking forward to BEA and BBC. I hope to meet you.