Sunday, February 21, 2010

40 Posts in 40 Days: Top 10 Silly Sights in NYC

For today's edition of 40 in 40 I will do a top ten list. This is inspired by the fact that my son wants to go shopping in New York City as his birthday gift. So as he asks for a day off and I book our train tickets I leave you with a NYC related list.

Top 10 funny/strange things we've experienced in past trips to New York City
  1. Meeting the Naked Cowboy - Yup, he is actually naked, except for his tighty whitey undies, a cowboy hat, and his guitar. This was my mother's dream when we took her to her 1st Broadway play, Momma Mia. You're welcome mom. I still have nightmares :)
  2. Going to Momma Mia in NYC & no one in the whole theater got up to dance at the end. This play is supposed to be famous for the dancing at the end. We met people on the train that saw it in England and everyone danced. My sister in law saw it in Hartford, CT and EVERYONE danced. So you would think there would be dancing in NYC, but noooo. Well, I did dance, but that's another story :)
  3. Taking my mother on a taxi ride from midtown to Battery Park and listening to her scream in terror the entire way. She scared the poor guy, which I think only made him drive faster.
  4. Seeing TV Scientist, Bill Nye the Science Guy at Mars 2112 and realizing my kids had NO clue who he was. I was still excited :)
  5. During a different visit to Mars 2112, my daughter throwing up in the garbage can outside of the restaurant. She seems oddly proud of this.
  6. Seeing the guy who locked himself in a glass store front for a reading challenge. He was using the first E-reader I'd ever seen, which now I can't remember if it was Sony or Kindle.
  7. Almost getting hit by a Limo when I slipped off the curb trying to avoid excited Naked Cowboy crowd.
  8. My oldest son almost getting run over by a bike delivery guy when he thought the red man on the cross walk was not for him. You don't get run over by a man on a bike in NYC. That's just embarrassing.
  9. Seeing my neighbor's son randomly shopping in a store on a random side street. We all stopped in the window and stared until he looked up and almost dropped. Funny to see someone you know in a vast city of faces.
  10. And finally, walking past a quaint little park and hearing a large black man screaming that all white men are threatened by the size of his... jocularity ;)

These are just some of silliness and oddness that we've encountered in New York. I'm sure there are some that will come to me later and have me LOL ing in the middle of the grocery store, that's where stuff usually sneaks up on me.

Feel free to add a silly memory of yours.

Thanks and have a restful Sunday!

Kristin : )

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  1. LOL - Sounds like you have some great memories there. I've never been to New York (the city) - looked at it from afar, but that's as close as I got when I lived on the east coast for a short time. The whole idea of that city both scares and fascinates me. ;-)