Monday, February 22, 2010

40 Posts in 40 Days: What's Your Fantasy Office?

If you could conjure up the office of your dreams what would it look like? Here's a peek into mine.

First off my office would be all mine, with a door that shuts out the world. Now it is our front porch - or as I like to call it- our walk in shoe closet with wall to wall carpeting of coats. The door opens to the world and is forever being knocked on. By opportunity you ask? No, usually by a friend of one of my kids or good intentioned family member.

The walls of my dream office would be sound proof. That's not to block out the joyous outbursts of my kids while they excitedly debate who gets the last cupcake. That will stop when they realize I've already eaten it :) No, it will block the sound of my head hitting the keyboard and my crazy mutterings to my characters.

The walls would also be made of rubber. Not for the crazy muttering part, but for bouncing ideas around. The rubber will keep them bouncing til I am ready to use them. I may have to add a helmet to this fantasy. On second thought, maybe I'll just put a rubber box in my dream office. Yeah, that would be safer.

There would be no phone, just an emergency signal that projects a big MOM on the wall if there is an actual emergency. And dare I say it? There would be no Internet connection either. Whew, that's hard to even imagine. But, occasionally a little blue bird would stop by and tell what my Twitter friends are up to.

And finally... there will be a huge inspirational sign above my desk. It will say, "STOP READING THIS AND JUST WRITE!"

Maybe I'll actually add some furniture next time :) This is a good start and now that I've securely hung that sign in my fantasy office I'm going to let it inspire me. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to share what your fantasy office would be like.

Kristin : )


  1. Nice little virtual setup you've got going there! Right now, as I spend all day in an office, I can't stand the thought of working in one when I go home - I write out in the living room amidst the chaos, even though I actually have a dedicated office I could use.

    Should I ever be able to work from home though, I see soothing blue walls, a nice big cherry desk and a super-comfy chair, bookshelves lining the entirety of the room and a tall houseplant in the corner. A big poofy reading chair on the other side of the room from my desk as well, for reading or just thinking, and big windows to let in lots of light. Must have two cozy dog beds too, so my pups can keep me company. :-)

  2. I actually love my home office. I would wish for three things to improve it.
    1. The ability to actually write in there FT.
    2. A small refrigerator with an endless supply of Mountain Dew.
    3. A trap door so when someone does get in and I don't want to be disturbed I could hide for a short period of time until they take the hint and leave without me being seen.


  3. Hi Jamie,
    My dream office has a big poofy chair in it too. It has to be big enough for my kids to fit with me. Although I dream of a space all my own I know they will be there reading a book, sitting by the fire, and asking me what's for dinner? :)

    Denise, I should have known it was you from the Mountain Dew stocked fridge :) Love the trap door idea. I was thinking a cloak of invisibility but those are really expensive.