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Casey and Bella Go Green by Jane Lovascio & Autumn Varca

I have talked about these cute pups a lot. They are two of my daughter's favorite characters. She loves the books and was able to meet the real Casey and Bella, along with Jane Lovascio at this year's BEA09 in New York City. That's not the only reason I love sharing these books with everyone. This series and yearly writing contests that author Jane Lovascio offers to children also makes them conversation worthy. If you missed my previous reviews and contest news you can find them through the following links.

Casey and Bella reviews

Casey and Bella Writing Contest

Casey and Bella are at it again! This time their adventures are even more special because this is the first book to come out of the Casey and Bella Writing Contest. That's right, this book was co-authored by 10 year old, Autumn Varca. Jane not only welcomed Autumn's help in this book, but she also included her original contest entry in the back of the book. I can imagine how exciting this is for her. Congratulations Autumn and Jane!

Now to the book.

The playful pups find a new adventure and new friends in Casey and Bella Go Green. They meet an environment friendly mouse named Melvin. While helping him take out the trash they run into a group of animals who all belong to a group called KONC, which stands for Keep Our Neighborhoods Clean. Co-author Autumn introduces readers to her own pets. Spaz, her tabby cat, and her boxer Rocky are members of KONC. The group takes Casey and Bella to a recycling center to show how glass, plastic and paper is recycled and how it benefits the earth and all of us.

Casey and Bella Go Green is a great story to introduce recycling to children and it lists different ways to conserve energy and water. It sends the message that even the small things each person does can help to make the future brighter and cleaner for everyone.

As always, Jane takes her role in the communtiy seriously and dedicates this book to Autism Speaks. For more information about the books, Jane Lovascio or the Casey and Bella Writing Contest go to .

The Casey and Bella Writing contest is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and ends April 15, 2010. I have encouraged the librarian at my children's school to bring this creative contest to the whole school. It's a fun way to get kids actively involved in reading and writing.

I would love to know if you decide to have your children or school enter.

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