Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Memoir Mondays: Stephen King

I have been reading a lot of authors' memoirs lately. I love hearing how and why different people write and their experiences in the publishing world, good and bad. Each one has taught me something about my own writing. Some offer a wealth of information and others only bits here and there that I can relate to. That is the basis of all reading; finding something we can relate to. What that is exactly may differ from reader to reader. So, with that in mind I want to start a weekly discussion about author memoirs. I will announce the author and his/her memoir and post my thoughts every Monday.

Monday October 19th discussion will be on Stephen King's On Writing

I hope that you will stop by to discuss your thoughts on this book. Was is very helpful to you or did you only find bits and pieces that related to your own writing? I have not found a book that I could not learn something from; some by good examples of what works and others by displaying what doesn't.

Hope to hear from you on Monday.



  1. I really loved this book and couldn't put it down. Part memoir, part life of a writer, and part how to write, it was just the perfect mix. Lots of inspiration and encouragement. Not sure if I'll make the discussion, but thought it was worth posting a comment.

  2. Thanks Sheila. I am excited to talk about this book too and have been getting positive feedback from writers on Twitter. Hope you can stop by again on Monday.