Friday, October 30, 2009

Your Invited to A Twitter Halloween Party

Knock, Knock...

"Who's there?"


"Who's me? What's your Twitter ID and password?"

"My what?"

"Oh, it's you. The Twitterless one I've heard of. Come in, come in. Here, put this on."

" What's this?"

"It's your badge so no one will mistake you for Spam and throw you out."

"Oh, what's Spam?"

"Never mind, just don't talk about white teeth or your perfect credit score."

"Ok. Wow there are a lot of people here. Who's that angry looking old guy?"

"Oh, that's @Shitmydadsays. He's funny."

"Ha ha, that guy is freakin' funny...Did you read what @arjunbasu said today? HA HA!" Yells a guy dressed like a skeleton with flames for eyes.

"No, but did you read what @PowerofNo said about...?" The man is already gone; moved on to jump into another conversation.

"That was rude. He didn't even answer."

"He will later. Maybe next week. You never know."

"Oh my! Who's that lady? Is she chewing on what I think she is?"

"That's no lady. Ok people...who let @Brit n ey in? I blocked her three times already from this party!" Just then 3 little blue birds surround her with a large screen that says, There is nothing to see here. They wrap her up and toss her out the door.

"Why are those people in lines over there?"

"Oh, those are my lists."

"Your what?"

"Lists. That one is all the writers doing Nanowrimo with me. There's @CrystalPosey @BookobsessedGrl @coffeewithkate @skylarkade @cbrett60 @dkrobbins @cswriter59 @SavvyVerseWit @KarenCollum @HVLong @Shannan79."

"Why are some jumping from list to list?"

"That's because they are on more than one."

" why do you say at in front of every one's name?"

"I don't know. You get used to it though."

"Oh, look at all those new people coming in."

"Yeah, that's a lot. This isn't going to be good."

"Why? Oh, there's that lady again. She brought a bunch of friends too."

"Oh no, were being @Brit n ey spam slammed and there's way too many people."

"What's wrong? Why is everyone moving so slowly?"

"Oh God, the whale is gonna come!"

"The Whale? What the..."

A bunch of little blue birds tweeting in perfect harmony fly in carrying a huge whale by strings. They hover over head as everyone scrambles in slow motion to get out. The whale drops... the Twitter party is over.

Thanks for coming to the party.

~ Kristin : )


  1. This is just so cute :o) Twitter often feels like a party to me, I thought I was the only one... now I'm not so sure!

  2. Fun tweets. Felt like watching the party.

  3. Thanks for your comment Cynthia. I tried to publish but hit reject instead. I blame the tiny buttons on my Ipod. I'm sorry about that :) I copied your comment and added the address to your blog below. It's my first nano too. It should be fun.

    Cynthia Schuerr

    Ha Ha, great party.
    Thanks for the invite:-)

    1st NaNo for me and I am excited.