Thursday, June 4, 2009

Children's Book Review Series: Casey and Bella by Jane Lovascio

Meet Casey and Bella, the real life stars of the adorable new children's series. They are joined by author Jane Lovascio and her husband Jeff. All attended this year's BEA in New York City, where Casey and Bella participated in a paw signing. This, as I stated in an earlier post, was my daughter's favorite part of our day at the BEA.

Now on to the books...

Casey and Bella Go To New York City
by Jane Lovascio
Illustrated by Aija Jasuna
*A portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to Loving Paws Assistance Dogs.
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Casey meets Bella when Jane and Jeff bring her home from a nearby shelter. They become fast friends and head out on adventure that brings them from Hoboken, New Jersey to New York City. While they explore the busy city they meet new friends and learn important lessons about having good manners and how to treat others.

Casey and Bella Go To Hollywood
by Jane Lovascio
Illustrated by Aija Jasuna
*This book was dedicated to the children of Hoboken's Jubilee Center
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Casey and Bella are off on a new adventure. This time they explore star studded Hollywood, California in search of celebrities. Along they way they meet and teach new friends that real happiness can not be bought. A cute story reinforcing the sentiment that the best things in life are still free, even in Hollywood.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Casey and Bella. They are as cute in person (or should I say, in canine?) as they are in their books and have great messages to share with children. If you would like more information about Jane Lovascio, other Casey and Bella books, charities, contests, and fundraisers go to

If you have a Casey and Bella book or are planning to purchase one I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. If you have published a children's book and want to have it reviewed you can email me at

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