Thursday, August 20, 2009

CBRS: The Pink Locker Society by Debra Moffitt

Attention parents, caregivers, school teachers, and counselors: Are you looking for a book that helps preteens and tweens understand and deal with physical and emotional changes? One that looks at the time in a child's life before they are exposed to sexual activity and substance abuse issues? If your answer is yes, The Pink Locker Society is for you!

The Pink Locker Society (also known as PLS) by Debra Moffitt is a story about 4 girls, (Kate, Jemma, Piper, And Bet) who are chosen as new members of a secret society. They are expected to help other girls by answering their questions about changing feelings and body issues. Most of the questions involve the common things on most girls' minds; the PBBs (Periods, Boys, Bras). The problem the girls encounter is, how do they help other girls with issues that they are just learning about themselves?

In order to provide the best and most accurate information they research every topic they are asked about and are surprised with how much they learn along the way. But this book covers much more than body changes and first crushes. There are also important lessons about friendships and Internet scams.

The Pink Locker Society by Debra Moffitt was inspired by actual questions asked by tween and teens on a website with the same name.

This website was developed by the creators of to provide a safe haven for kids to feel comfortable about asking questions and getting accurate and straight forward answers. It is directed at kids, but can be a great resource for parents and teachers as well. A great way to find out what your kids are concerned about and to get some ideas on how to answer if you are asked similar questions.

I finished this book with a few questions in mind and thought what a great idea it would be to ask the author on line. We are both on Twitter, so I decided why not do a TwitterView. If you are on Twitter you can view the whole interview by entering this hash tag into the SEARCH box on your Twitter home page. #TV-PLS (It stands for TwitterView-PinkLockerSociety)

Please enjoy my TwitterView with Debra Moffitt, also known as @PinkLockerSociety

KCBOOKS: Q1. Are there more adventures planned for The Pink Locker Society?

PinkLockerMom: Yes, I'm working on book 2 now. The first one was periods, bras, and boys. This one is a lot about BOYS!

PinkLockerMom: Often, they [girls] don't feel comfortable talking to their moms. For instance, they're scared to say they have a boyfriend.

KCBOOKS: Q2. What issues, other than boys, would you want to cover in future books?

PinkLockerMom: Friendships are very important.I'd like to help girls get beyond the drama & know that friendships change. It's normal.

KCBOOKS: Great point, esp. when boys get involved. Changes occur in friendships & it is normal.

PinkLockerMom: Re: Boys have questions too... Here's a blog post from a boy. 51 girls were happy to help.

KCBOOKS: Boys on PLS website goes w/Q3. Do you think the girls [in the book] might recruit a boy to encourage more male participation? #TV-PLS

PinkLockerMom: A boy in the PLS? Not sure they'd give him full member status. But he would be a great advisor.

KCBOOKS: yes and could make a great tie in w/the girls having their first group crush & how to handle it.

PinkLockerMom: Exactly. In book 2, something just like that is brewing up!

KCBOOKS: oooo...we just got a sneak peak! Can't wait to see how it's handled.

KCBOOKS: My last question involves something I worry about as a mom. Internet safety. Between child predators & scams, there are real dangers.

KCBOOKS: Q4. PLS touched on computer safety & scams. Today's tweens live in a tech world. Are there plans to cover these issues more?

PinkLockerMom: RE: Internet safety, I agree. That's why we put a subtle message in the book. Don't want to overdo bc kids will tune out.

PinkLockerMom: I think kids see the Internet/texting like we viewed the phone. It just IS. But we do need to help them be safe.

I had a lot of fun talking with Debra over Twitter. I hope to do more interviews like this in the future. I would love to hear what you think about the book, the website, and the Twitterview.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch.

Kristin : )


  1. This book sounds terrific. I love your "twitterview" idea!

  2. Thanks so much for the review. In these early days of social media, I will always remember my first Twitterview!