Friday, August 14, 2009

Children's Book Review Series: Hey Dad! Let's Have a Catch by Harold Theurer Jr.

Hey Dad! Let's Have a Catch by Harold Theurer Jr. and illustrated by William Baxter Bledsoe is a nonfiction children's book about a father and son.

The story is told by the son, who waits eagerly everyday for the brief time that his father is home between his day and night jobs. In this time they play catch, and for a few minutes a day the son feels all of the love, pride and bonding that will last a lifetime.

When the son gets older and has a son of his own he shares this simple game of catch with him. But there is nothing simple about the message that a few minutes of face to face interaction can create a tighter bond and more meaning memories than any thing money can buy.

Hey Dad! Let's Have a Catch is a touching story about the importance of spending time with your children, even when time is hard to find. I had the pleasure of meeting Harold Theurer Jr. at BEA09 in New York City and had him sign this book to my son. I think all parent/child relationships are very important. They have a great impact on what kind of adult and parent a child will become. But a bond between father and son can be magical, because it can be forever formed with few words a few moments a day.

More information about Hey Dad! Let's Have a Catch by Harold Theurer Jr. can be found here:

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Do you have a favorite memory of doing something special with your dad or mom? My favorite memories were with my grandmother. She had a great love of life and took every opportunity to enjoy it. I can remember dancing with her when I was young; no rhythm just being silly. I love that now with my kids.

Feel free to share a favorite moment of yours.

Kristin : )

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