Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing *a Little Blog Tag

Recently I was tagged by a fellow writer and blogger, Nick Daws. I met Nick (online) earlier this year when I started promoting my book, The Truth Lies in the Dark. His was one of the first blogs to have me as a guest for my Book Blog Tour in March. I have since become a member of his writing blog ( ) and receive helpful updates filled with advice and tips. Through him I also learned about another great resource for writers Stop by and check it out. There is something for everyone no matter what you write.

When Nick tagged me I was honored and of course more than willing to be a part. So, what does getting tagged mean? It is a way to share *a little about yourself and connect with other writers/bloggers. The best part about this is it's not just for published authors. This is for anyone who picks up a pen or pulls up to a keyboard to bring their thoughts and ideas to life and then is brave enough to share them with the world. More details and Nick's post can be found here:

I chose only a few of the questions to answer. I am trying to keep my posts * a little shorter and reader friendly. I know how busy we all are and appreciate the time you take to stop by.

Ok, here goes...

1. Which words do you use too much in your writing?

I try to cut out any words that I think are repeated too often in my writing. Most often cut are these: just or just about, had or had been, little (* I went back and crossed out 3 of these in this post alone).

2. Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

he said, she said alternatives. He/she spoke, orated, stated. I try to avoid fancy ways to say he said or she said, unless it helps clarify the characters tone of voice or mood. He mumbled under his breath or she screamed loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear.

3. What are your other favorite blogs?

There are so many blogs out there and through Twitter I find more everyday. Here are some of my favorites. -A writer's blog by Nick Daws -A promotion/marketing blog by John Kremer -An inspirational blog by Janna Qualman -Hysterical blog by Cammie the Wine Queen -Follow the Ramblings of this funny YA writer -A mystery reviewer who also dabbles in writing -Author blog & friend to writers everywhere

4. Name three favorite words * these are subject to change depending on day & mood :)

happy, vacation, fluffernutter (peanut butter & fluff sandwich...yum)

5. ...And three words you're not so keen on *so are these, except rejection :)

rejection, uber(anything), douche bag (sorry... but this had a VERY different definition when I was a kid & now it's thrown around like idiot or jerk) On the other hand douchebaggery (yes, it's a real accepted word) is plain funny.

6. What would you like to improve about your writing and/or blog?

In my writing, I would like to be more focused on finishing one story at a time. I have a hard time fighting the urge to hop to the next idea that screams out. I have learned to control it better, but I still have to work on it.

As far as my blog, I want to learn some of the tricks I see on other blogs. Like linking to a previous blog or another website without having to show the whole address. I have tried it many times and can't get it to work. If someone can give me a quick lesson I would appreciate it.

That's my part. Now it's your turn. I tag the following writers/bloggers.

Janna Qualman

Jack W. Regan

Denise Robbins


Blog Tag, You're It... Janna, Jack, Denise, and misterreereeder. Can't wait to see what questions you choose and what your answers are. Have fun!

Kristin : )

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  1. How fun! Loved reading your answers. And thanks for the tag. I may do this later in the week. :)