Saturday, July 4, 2009

Children's Book Review Series

City of Hamburgers by Mike Reiss and illustrated by Xeth Feinberg is sure to spark the imagination and the appetite.

It's bedtime for Jeffrey, which means it's also time for another one of Grandma Greta's stories. Jeffrey loved his grandma, but did not want to hear another story about fairies, princesses, slippers, and kisses.

A conversation about Grandma Greta's unique accent leads to a new story; the true story of her childhood in Hamburg, Germany. As she shares what life was like for her and her fellow Hamburgers, Jeffrey's imagination creates a humorous view. When she tells how she met his grandfather who was from Frankfurt, Germany, Jeffrey pictures her (a Hamburger) and him ( a Frankfurter) getting married. Now Jeffrey can not wait for Grandma Greta to tell the next "real life" story.

This is a cute book that shows two very different point of views of the same story. Children of all ages will be laughing at how Jeffrey visualizes his grandmother's story of growing up in Germany. Many adults may recognize the author Mike Reiss as the longtime writer of The Simpsons and as contributing writer for some popular children's movies; Ice Age (1 & 2), Horton Hears a Who to name a few.

For more information or to purchase City of Hamburgers by Mike Reiss please follow any of the following links.

My kids and I were laughing out loud reading this book. I would love to hear what you think of it. If you have or plan to purchase City of Hamburgers tell me about it.


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