Friday, July 24, 2009

Children's Book Review Series: Pingo by Brandon Mull

Pingo by Brandon Mull and illustrated by Brandon Dorman is sure to be the next best selling children's book. It is packed with creativity, imagination, and mischief. The book is geared toward children in grades K-3, but I think younger would enjoy having it read to them and it makes a great book for older children to share with siblings or school reading buddies.

Have you ever had an imaginary friend, or have you known someone who did? It still makes me smile to see a child chatting excitedly and running around an imaginary world with friends unseen to anyone else. In Pingo, Brandon Mull asks an interesting question. What happens when your imaginary friend becomes your imaginary enemy? Mull's creative humor, combined with Brandon Dorman's artistic talent, answer this question perfectly. This is the children's literacy equivalence to the classic imaginary friend gone bad movie, Drop Dead Fred.

Chad and Pingo are the best of friends. The exciting adventures they share are limitless. But when Chad thinks he is too old for an imaginary friend he finds the trouble Pingo can cause is just as limitless. This is a cute, laugh out loud story about the importance of friendship and imagination.

Pingo is not the first book the Brandons (Mull & Dorman) have worked on together. Mull is the author of the New York best selling series Fablehaven; of which Dorman also illustrated.

Pingo is not yet released, but is currently on sale and available for pre-order on Amazon. The expected release date is August 5, 2009.

Let me know if you get this book. My family loved it and know you and your children will too.


Kristin : )

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