Thursday, July 26, 2012

SAM Bags

As I mentioned in my previous post I have volunteered to fill 50 gift bags for graduating Marines who will have no family or friends attending their ceremony. These brave men and women are called SAMs (Stand Alone Marines). Although I have only volunteered to help with the SAM bags in my son's Company, there are always SAMs graduating from Parris Island. This bothered me. I know, through my son, how much hard work and strength it takes to make it 13 weeks in the Marines boot camp. This is no small accomplishment and every man and woman that does it deserves to be celebrated, both for their perseverance and for their future service to our country. So I set out to find other companies and people who felt the same. This is what I found...

Case of puzzle books (40) and many more out dated books.
Donated by Penny Dell Publications (Norwalk, CT)

2 pack shavers (50 +)
2 pack Pens (50 +)
Donated by BIC (Shelton, CT)

Handmade thank you and congratulations cards (50)
Donated by family and friends.

50 Marine Red (or 1st Battalion Red) notebooks
Donated by family members

100 each of the following:
Trapezoid Drawstring bags
Protect Care Kits
Pacific Aluminum Bottles
Koomba Pens
Ear Buds
Eyeglass Holders
Clock Buddies
All of this donated by

I'm amazed at the response I've gotten so far! So many generous companies and people. It's heart warming to know our soldiers are appreciated and that these SAMs will be properly thanked for choosing to serve.

Proudly, Heart swelling, Thankful,

~ Kristin

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