Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cake Boss Birthday: recap

We had a great party. Meg and I worked on this monkey cake, complete with banana pudding filling ...YUM! Well, we hope it's as good as it sounds. We haven't tried it yet. By the time the girls were done decorating their mini cakes and cookies they were too full to eat the cake.

This is our fake cake, made out of play dough. Meg and I had fun on this project. We made a lot of fake and real baked goods to transform our kitchen into a bakery. I think the last time I played with play dough with my kids I had to check their mouths every time they chewed. This was much better :)
Now the girls want to get together for craft parties and make ornaments. I'll think about that after I get the coating of sugar off of my kitchen floor.


  1. Those are great cakes, both of them. Be the monkey tastes better, though. ;)

  2. What a great mommy you are! Not only to let the girls decorate the mini cakes and cookies plus making such an adorable cake, making props for your kitchen bakery was inspired. I'm sure that memories of the time spent with you and this birthday party will stay with Meg forever. Belated Happy Birthday to Meg.

  3. Thanks Dani and Meg thanks you too for the birthday wishes. It was a fun project. :)