Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Sea Escape by Lynne Griffin

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to meet Lynne Griffin in Boston and hear all about her new release, Sea Escape. The story and the excitement in her voice had me hooked even before I knew she had a review copy with her. I left the Saturday Saloon, on that Wednesday afternoon, with great writing advice, a copy of Sea Escape, and a smile.

Sea Escape is a moving story about family and finding yourself. Lynne Griffin blends the past with the present seamlessly by using love letters written by the main character, Laura's parents. Through these letters, which had been tucked away for years, Laura learns the true history of her family; memories, secrets, heartbreak, and all.

In the beginning of the story you can sense the strains that exist between each character. Laura's need to please and break the emotional wall that her mother lives behind and brother's complete turn away from them both has blinded her to her own family's problems. Laura's mother, Helen suffers a serious stroke and every one's lives are thrown into chaos.

Laura feels out of control. She tries to take care of everyone, her children, husband, distant brother, and be there for her mother. As Helen's health slips, so does Laura's grip on reality. The love letters, which at first filled her with guilt to read, slowly become her escape.

My favorite part of this story is that it was inspired by real love letters written by the author's parents, which gives this story a true beating heart. Lynne Griffin's expertise in family studies is evident in the dynamics between the characters. She captures the subtle strains that exist in families and the ongoing desire to find resolution to life long issues. Sea Escape will keep your attention and your heart until the last page.
More information about Lynne Griffin and her other books can be found on her website.

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  1. Definitely interesting to read how it was inspired. And I love the title and cover. Sounds like one I'd enjoy from your review.