Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Writer Wednesdays: Dani Harris

Hi, I'm Dani. I am a Twitter friend of Kristin's and quite honored for her to have invited me to participate in her guest post series by writers. To be honest, I'm stunned because I just started my blog in February 2010 and only began writing in January 2010. I write haiku, senryu, verse....not the rhyming type of poetry.

My journey into writing actually began on Twitter when I accidentally started following writers and poets. If you are not familiar with the Twitterverse, it is quite amazing. It is the perfect medium for short verse with it's limit of 140 characters, and the poetry "community" is very active with several group haiku challenges every day. The general definition of haiku is a verse of three parts made up of 5 syllables/7 syllables/ 5 syllables. There actually are more requirements, but this is the basis most used on Twitter. A word is selected and anyone who would likes can tweet a haiku containing that word, and individuals will randomly tweet haiku, too. I fell in love with the art form and eventually got enough courage to tweet my own words.

Quite to my surprise and delight, the writing and poetry communities both embraced me, which led to starting my own blog haiku love songs. It's also quite unexpected because I've never done any type of writing before and I'm 58 years old. {{cringe}} A young 58-year-old grandmother. I have no formal education, or really even any basic knowledge, of writing. What I do know is that the words are here now and I must write.

I was quite intimidated to attempt this post and was discussing it with another poet/Twitter friend. He said I write from my heart, and I do. The verse may not have anything to do with my real life, but every word contains a piece of me. Sometimes it can leave me feeling quite raw and exposed emotionally. Most of what I write is triggered by a song, or a bird or something I'm doing, like unbraiding my hair....usually there is an urgency to get to the computer or a pencil and paper because the words start flowing. {And I have a really bad memory, being so old and all.}

Once in a while when I read the finished verse, it doesn't feel right so I put it away and go back to it later. Occasionally, I sit down to write without anything in mind because I need something to post to my blog. But 95% of the time, the words flow... through me, not from me....and I just leave them alone.

So, am I a writer? I write. Why do I write? Because the words are forcing their way out. Am I any good? That is something beyond my ability to judge, but I'm having a lot of fun doing it.

Thanks again to Kristin for so generously inviting me here. The final moral of my writing story is that it's never too late to start.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can enjoy Dani's poetry by following her blog: haiku love songs And you can also follow her on Twitter: @ddh77 .

Thank you Dani for a very inspirational post and perfect timing since it is National Poetry Month. Thanks also to all of you who have stopped by today.

Kristin : )

If you would like more info about this series follow this link Writer Wednesdays: The Intro .


  1. Again, thank you SO much for inviting me to participate in your Writer Wednesday series, Kristin! It's even more surreal seeing the post. {I hope your blog traffic doesn't drop too much today.} And thank you for including my site in your blogroll. You are a sweetheart, Twister! *big twisty hugs* dani

  2. I love this guest post, not only is it perfect for National Poetry Month, but it's also so inspirational. Dani's story reminds me why we write in the first place, the feelings it gives us. It has been a pleasure meeting and following Dani on Twitter (& her blog) I know there is more great stuff to come! & I can't wait :)

    And for you Dani...

    I'm sure your post will cause a blog traffic pile up and the only thing that will be dropped is your name all over the Twittersphere :D

  3. Dani,
    I love your name and its spelling. Loved your post. Your humor and forthrightness are refreshing. I don't write haiku but I enjoy reading from those who do. I'm more of a free verse writer. I'm glad you've had a positive experience on Twitter. It's so cool to connect with those who have the same interest and be supported in your venture. :)

  4. Thank you, Dawn! The Twitterverse has treated my most kindly, both with the writing and with genuine friendships. I still don't know how I lucked into the group of writers that includes Kristin ~ amazing people. I've found since starting the blog that I have more of an inclination to longer free verse than the haiku. I will be heading over to your blog immediately! Thank you again! Dani

  5. Loved your guest post here Kristen’s page, I can relate to nearly all of what you said.

    I only take exception to one thing though, as someone who was born in 1952 I feel that I am only just entering my prime and I feel that you are too – enjoy it…I certainly am. ☺♥☺

    Keep up the good ‘work’ I love it – thank you.

    [I am known as DolphinDancer in Twitterland]

  6. Thank you, Ainsley! Oh, and I do agree with you that this is a wonderful time of life! I've got a fabulous group of supportive and encouraging Twitter friends, including Kristin, and I'm doing so many things I've never done before! It IS so much fun! btw ~ I just tried to follow you on Twitter, but it said that you have blocked me ;-p

  7. Thank you so much for featuring Dani! She is one of my favourite writers and usually I have to check back two to three times a day for something new. Also, Kristin, I would like to compliment you on your blog. What a great place to find the new goodies!

    Congratulations Dani and very well written as always!

  8. Thank you, Brett! I hope you know how very much I appreciate the time you take to read my words! Kristin ~ you will love Brett's story about breast cancer, being a deep sea fisherman and a ceramics class at his site "Moments..." and be sure to check out his photography while you're there. A multi-talented man with one of the kindest hearts I've ever had the good fortune to meet. He has put permanent links to LunaJune, simonscotland, and haiku love songs on his site. A very generous man. Thanks again, Brett. Affectionately, Dani

  9. HI Dani and Kristin,
    Nice to "meet" you both. I don't write poetry, but I love reading it. And, I have to politely say 58 isn't old. How do I know? I'm turning 61 on Saturday. I started writing late in life, too. And in my humble opinion, if you write, you are a writer.

  10. Brett~thank you SO much for the post and link that you did today on your site "Moments..." about Kristin's Writer Wednesday series and today's post by me! You're a sweetheart! *mwah* Dani

  11. Hi, Karen! I changed my Twitter bio today to "poet" ~ seeing my name under Kristin's "Writer Wednesday" header convinced me it's okay. I am certainly enjoying this stage of my life, too. Thanks again for commenting.

  12. Dani..daily you amaze me, and now I learn more about you... I believe too that it is through me not from me.... your words daily inspire me, pull me, and fill me with wonder.
    So glad to hear about your grandchildren :)
    You are wonderful and I am honored to call you friend :)

    see you out there
    I am @LunaJune on twitter

  13. Junie, the connection we share, like sisters, feels as if it's always been there. You light up my life and bring a smile to my face and warm my heart. I'm not surprised that the words flow through you, too. Thank you for sharing in my happiness that both of my grandchildren are writing haiku. It is my honor to call you friend, dearest June. Much love and gratitude to you for your friendship. *big squishy hugs*

  14. Thank you all for your supportive & sweet comments. This is exactly why I wanted to do this series, it's a great excuse to set aside the doubts & worries that come along in publishing and share some writerly love :)

    Thanks again to Dani too! She was a gracious blog guest :)

  15. Kristin, I really don't know how to thank you for including me in your Writer Wednesday series. It was an honor and much appreciated. I, too, would like to thank everyone for their most kind comments. This was certainly a wonderful experience for me. With gratitude and affection, Dani