Saturday, April 17, 2010

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer

This is a must have addition if you are a die hard Twilight fan. Female Force: Stephenie Meyer is a biographical Graphic Comic narrated by, can you guess? Yup, a vampire.

You get a look into Stephenie's past, her family, and what made her decide to write in the first place. Something I didn't know was that Twilight was originally titled Forks. After the town of Forks, Washington where the novel takes place. It was later changed to Twilight with the help of her Literary Agent.

It didn't take long for Twilight mania to sweep the nation and it's still going strong with book sales and movie deals. I wouldn't be surprised to see this Graphic Comic become a collector's item.

There is also a history of Forks, Washington included in the back. It covers everything you want to know about town filled with fictional vampires.

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer was written by Ryan Burtan, artwork was done by Dave MacNeil (Penciler), Kirsty Swan (Colorist), and Jaymes Reed (Letterer). The History of Forks section was written by Darren G. Davis and Matt Bellisle.

Please let me know if you have or plan to purchase this book.


Kristin : )

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