Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break...day 2 Who peed on the seat??

Before I get into my writing progress for day 2, I will update day 1.

After a very busy day; sick child, smoke alarms, normal chaos that comes when all my kids are home, I actually did make time to write. So it seems this pact I have made with myself is working, or the fact that I told everyone about it has motivated me to keep it. Whatever the reason, I did work on my nearly finished contemporary romance, making some changes and rewriting the first chapter. I had to take a moment to pat myself on the back. The way my day started yesterday, I really didn't think I would get to it at all.

Ok, now on to day 2.

That's right, first thing this morning I had a notorious visitor in my house. The finder and eater of all junk food, the one who always leaves out the milk or doesn't fully cover the cheese. Yup, "Not Me" was here today. I think we all get a visit from this trouble maker every now and again, although I have yet to meet someone who has actually seen what this Not Me kid looks like. Who left the TV on? Not Me, my kids respond. Who spilled the Cheerios all over the floor? Not Me they all offer. Well, I didn't even know that kid was here so early until I had the misfortune of walking into the bathroom after him. How do I know it was a him? You tell me...

I finish my gallon of coffee and go to brush my teeth and get ready for the day. There was no line, that's a good start. I don't even mind the wet mound of towels that I trip on, but do wonder if all of family is seriously allergic to hanging a towel back up. As I hang them I notice the tiny droplets all over the toilet and the floor.

"Who peed on the seat?" I call out in general, but directed it at my son, who happens to be the only male in the family home this morning.

"Not Me," He offers, a little too quickly. Now I am thinking, 'What is wrong with this Not Me character? Does he have a sprinkler head that he urinates from?' There was that much...mist, I guess is the best way to explain. So, all joking aside I call him in to look me in the eye and try to blame Not Me again; which by now I think you agree is definitely a male. No offense intended by that assumption, it's just not genetically possible for a female to miss something she is planted on.

My son comes in with a look of innocent denial almost looks offended that I could think it was him. I turn on the bathroom light and point. He looks at the seat and then the floor and says, "Well, I know I didn't get any on the floor. That was definitely Not Me."

My bathroom is now completely bleached and sparkly clean and now I am deciding if I should invent something that would alert the males in my house when they have missed their mark. It would just politely hand them some toilet paper and subtly remind them that if do not clean up after themselves their mother, or wife (oh yeah bad aim comes in all sizes) will invite Not Me over and let him have a go in their rooms.

I am happy to say that I did put in some good time to writing today already. So far so good...we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Feel free to share your encounters with Not Me, or any other crazy thing that distracts your day.

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  1. Oh my god, this is fantastic, Not Me practically lives at mine, think he (for he is most definately a male) must hide out in the attic ;)

    I love reading your blogs:)