Friday, July 2, 2010

Scout (blank) Callender

Hi everyone. It's time for another Scout update. The above picture is of 2 month old (pre-puppiness syndrome) Scout and my daughter :) She is 3 months old now and has found her puppiness, which comes with sharp teeth and a few unpleasant offerings left in dark corners. Sure puppiness also comes with a lot of cute, fluffy, nuzzling stuff too, but that's not what I'm here to talk about now. I'm here to discuss those parts of puppies that dog lovers like to call "spunkiness, mischievous, or the infamous still learning stage."

As we continue to help her through this energetic (and possibly overfed) time I have found that her name (which I love and won't let my in laws change to Sprout. Yes they have tried) needs a little something extra. When she thinks it's great fun to run around me, nipping and occasionally catching a whole mouthful of my flesh, I find that shouting "Scout, NO!" isn't always enough. She seems to hear, Scout, NO... you're not biting hard enough and Scout, NO... you should not go to the bathroom while we stand outside for an hour, you should wait til we go back inside.

Now I proud myself as a problem solver, so I start thinking how do I solve this? The books I've looked at and many websites say your tone of voice should signal to your puppy if she has done something good or bad. Hey, that works with my kids, but after countless attempts and variations of tones I truly believe that Scout is tone deaf. She can't seem to tell the difference between our happy good girl voice and our angry stop what you are doing one. Although to her credit, she is fully conditioned to sit and give me her paw at the slightest potential of food being offered. And yes, I have tried to diffuse an overly energetic biting/playing session with food. It has had mixed reactions, sometimes she will sit and listen, but once her eyes glaze over and the Gremlin in her is released there is no getting through to her.

So, I sit and think again, read some more information published by people who have sparkling good puppies, and wonder how I have managed to raise four kids that don't bite and only occasionally miss the toilet. That's when it hits me. When all else fails, when my kids tune out my angry voice, there is a secret weapon I use. It's a weapon that has been passed down, generation to generation, and yet when used properly never loses its power to stop every kid in the neighborhood in their tracks and bring all eyes on the wayward child in question.

What is this awesome power? It's the dreaded middle name. You laugh, but every kid knows when their middle name is used something has gone terrible wrong, they have been nabbed beyond all reasonable doubt, and they scamper home to learn their consequence. (Well, maybe not scamper. It's more of a stompy sulk)

Why not try this power on Scout? This is where you come in. We need help coming up with a middle name for Scout. Something that will help her better distinguish when things have gone terribly wrong. So far we have had some interesting recommendations.

Some suggested middle names for Scout:

  • Sprout (does make a cute middle name) (TY to my in laws)
  • Bella (for her Vampire tendencies) (TY Dave & Amy)
  • Gremlin ;)
  • Ignatius (TY @Stinginthetail )
  • Lee ( TY @amydaugustine )
  • Scout-A-Roonie (TY @amydaugustine )
  • Potato (TY @MrsWhich )

You can vote for one of these or add your own to the mix.

Please keep in mind, this is all in good fun. We are dealing with the same issues that all new puppy owners do and are just leaning on our sense of humor to get through it. Scout is well loved, exercised, and fed. So, with all due respect, if you are here to lecture me about proper pet care do me a favor and get your own puppy and call me in the morning ;) If you're here to help give our Scouty Pouty Pudding Pie who bit the kids and made them cry* a middle name, THANKS for your help and sense of humor.

Kristin : )

*That is what we sing to her now. With our singing, she is very lucky to be tone deaf ;)


  1. I don't recall the gender of your beloved pup. So I chose 2 names that fit the nature of your precious.

    Boy: "Cody" for Wild Bill Cody.
    Girl: "Jane" or "Calamity Jane"

    All would blend nicely with a "mom" voice. Plus, I like the historical significance.


  2. She's a girl and I do like the sound of Scout Jane. She does love to cause a calamity now and again too. Thanks Mary :)

  3. I vote for Lee...I like the combo of the book and the author. Besides, do you really think you can pull off Scout-a-Roonie with a straight face?

  4. You could go with the whole To Kill A Mockingbird theme and use Scout Jean Louise.
    The Louise could be drawn out just like my mother would draw out mine... Looooeeezzz!! LOL(mine is Renee- Renaaaa). :)

  5. oh - this is for discipline times? in which case, never use their name. You don't want them to associate their name with anything bad. A firm No, or bad dog, and your tone is plenty. Remember they live in the moment, soshouting at them for that poop that's ten minutes old in the corner is pointless.

    If a puppy does it inside, it's (sadly) your fault - you need to put them in the right place to do their business when they need to go (after meals, before bed, etc). As Cesar Millan says, stay calm and assertive :)

  6. I apologize! I was here and read your post earlier today then retweeted without commenting!

    I love dogs, I really do! But I am a cat person because you show them where the litter box is and that's that. I dog-sat while my daughter and family went river rafting last month. First night I was awakened at 3am by a dog barking. She was (belatedly) letting me know that she had an upset tummy and needed to go out. I learned how to use my daughter's steam carpet cleaner and spent the rest of the night outside with the dogs so they wouldn't bark. But I love them. ;-)

    I like icedreams idea of Scout Jean Louise ~ but I gave my daughter two middle names. She knew she was REALLY in trouble if I used all three names.

    Hope you have/had a wonderful 4th of July, Twister. *Twisty Squishy Hugs*

  7. Awwww She's gorgeous. hi by the way i'm your little helper on Twitter (Yorkiepudding) ;-)
    Squishy Scout.. Scout Fangface.. She's adorable and will grow out of the nibbling, she'll be teething like a baby does.