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Where are Bella and Casey Going Next? To the BEA in NYC!

The 2009 Book Expo America is in New York City. It will run May 28th through May 31st in the Jacob Javits Center. This is my first BEA and I am getting excited. I will be attending as a blogger and an author. As a blogger I was asked if I wanted to list myself in the BEA press category. I said sure, why not? That was back in February. Lately I have been getting so many emails from different publishers and publicists that it's been hard to keep up with all that is going on. Many of the emails have been to invite me to after hours cocktails with authors and other writing professionals. Others have been invitations to visit the different booths and events during the weekend. I have been setting up a schedule and choosing the booths and events that are of interest to me. This is how I came across a new children's book author, thanks to Dori at MTL Communications. She is not only the author of a new, adorable children's book series, but also a very generous person.

There are many, many children's books out today. What makes the Casey and Bella series stand out are four important things; the book is personal, it includes children with a motivational contest, it contributes to education by offering a fundraiser, and it gives back to the community by donating to charities.

What makes the book personal? The characters are based on the author's two dogs. Casey is a Jack Russell Terrier and Bella a Tea Cup Yorkie. These two lovable pups find adventure, friends, and learn life lessons every where they go. The question is, where do Casey and Bella go next?

Jane Lovascio visits many schools, reading her books and asking children where they think Casey and Bella should go next. She received so many creative answers that she decided to start a contest. It is open to all 3rd and 4th graders. This year's winner has been announced, but the next contest is scheduled to begin in September and 4 finalists will be chosen in April of 2010. One winner out of the 4 finalists will receive credit in book as the co-author, a $500.00 cash prize, a plaque, certificate, and the author will visit the student's school to personally award these exciting prizes. So, kids get your pencils out and start writing your 400 word idea and make sure it tells where Casey and Bella go, who they meet, and what life lessons they meet along the way. In the newest book Casey and Bella Go Green thanks to 4th grader author, Autumn.

Here's another way to bring Casey and Bella to your school. Have a fundraiser with them. Your school will receive books and t shirts of these lovable characters. Each one sold will help raise money for your school's activities and expenses. As a mom, I love this idea. I am bored of the catalogs filled with over priced wrapping paper and trinkets and honestly don't need any more baked goods. Schools get the books and t shirts for an incredible discount and there are many options to choose from.

Casey and Bella Go to New York City retails for $15.95 and Casey and Bella Go to Hollywood retails for $14.95. Both are only $8.00 for schools and the character t shirts are only $7.00. The suggested resale price is $13.00 for the books and $9.00 for the shirts. This is a great deal for parents and the schools. Most of the current fundraisers do not bring in as much of a profit as this, and all unsold books are returnable.

All of the above reasons show the author's generosity and willingness to share with children and schools, but then she goes even further. A portion of the proceeds are always donated to nonprofit charities that either benefit children or animals. Her latest book will donate to Autism Speaks, which is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders.

For any of you planning to attend Book Expo America in NYC next week, you can meet the author, Jane Lovascio. She will be at Booth #708 all weekend. On Friday May 29th, you can meet the real life characters, Casey and Bell. They will be doing paw signings at 11:00 AM.

For more information about Casey and Bella, Jane Lovascio, the contest, fundraiser and charities you can follow the link.

For more information about all of the events at Book Expo America go to their home page.
Now for a personal note:

As an author and a mom I love finding other authors and books that not only entertain, but inspire us all to do a little more than is expected. I am inspired by Jane Lovascio's books, contest, fundraiser, and especially her support of nonprofit charities. In fact, I am going to look into donating a portion of my book sales to one myself. I am thinking Amber Alert or another missing children's network since my book includes some missing children among other issues. Although my story is fictional and has a happy ending, my heart breaks for those parents who are faced with the real life devastation of a missing child.

I hope that everyone is inspired to go out and find something they believe in and support it. Support doesn't always have to mean money it can be shown with giving your time and encouragement also.

Thanks so much for stopping by and keep in touch.

Kristin : )

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  1. Wow, it's going to be great! I hope you have wonderful time, and that one day I can join you there. :)